Our purpose is to make great products

The purpose and philosophy of Ziliox is to make bags that fascinate their users in terms of design, functionality and quality. Opening a Ziliox box shall lead to a “Wow” moment for each new owner of one of our bags.

To achieve this, the design is of preeminent importance to us. The design of our bags is characterized by few, rather straight lines that lead to an elegant, modern and dynamic visual appearance and leaves enough room for the wearer’s personality. Thanks to their clean and not overcharged exterior Ziliox bags are also easy to combine with the other pieces of clothing of our customers. Our very high requirements in terms of design and quality are also reflected in the choice of materials for our bags. The key material used on the exterior of Ziliox bags is a high-quality artificial leather which features a slight regular dot & spot pattern on its surface, leading to an elegant and modern look and a pleasant feel.

Our bags are manufactured in the European Union by a sewing company with many decades of experience in the manufacturing of bags, in particular from the luxury segment. This way, Ziliox bags meet an excellent standard of material and manufacturing quality.

What does “Ziliox” stand for?

“Ziliox” is a family name that is particularly common in the French region of Alsace, where our founder lived when he decided to create our company. He chose this name for our company because it has for most people no connection to a particular country and is thus well suited to reflect our self-image as truly European company supporting international collaboration and mutual understanding between people in and outside Europe.

Our story

The idea to found a bag company came in 2008 when our founder, a young man living at the time in Strasbourg (France), couldn’t find a bag that satisfied his taste of design. In particular, it was difficult to find a bag whose shoulder band had a different colour than black.

In 2009, the founder thus decided to found a company and, upon his return to his home town Munich (Germany) in the same year, started searching for suitable material and experimented with designs and constructions. After a satisfying prototype had been made and a suitable production company in the EU had been found, a first collection of Ziliox bags, made at the time of truck tarpaulin, was released in 2011.

Over the years, the organically growing Ziliox team sought to find a more elegant, but still strong material for the bags and, in 2016, decided to replace the truck tarpaulin by a high-value artificial leather that features a slight, elegant pattern. At the same time, the construction of the bags was revised to reduce weight as much as possible while still keeping all of the bags’ equipment and functionalities. A first series of these new bags was released in 2018 in the ground colours black and white. In 2020, bags in the ground colours marine blue, brown ('cognac') and rose followed. In line with our purpose to “wow” our customers, we are committed to increasing the range of available colours and products in the future.